Info4Guns provides practical information about firearms and related topics including the Second Amendment, politics and laws around guns in America.  You will find information about , a glossary , ammunition , where to find firearms regulations for your state, suggested further reading (books and internet) and, most importantly, gun safety and night vision optics.

American Flag While we are pro- 2nd Amendment - and 14th Amendment - we provide historical information in an unbiased manner. This is an important feature to us, as the discussion about firearms and the right to bare arms often deteriorates into slogans and "bumper stickers". We hope to contribute to a more factually based civil discourse focused on the true intentions of the 2nd Amendment and the promotion of individual liberty for all.

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This is not an exhaustive resource. You are encouraged to use the links and resources on the site as a starting point for deeper research into firearms. We also appreciate hearing from you .

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