Magazines - Hardcopy and on-line

American Handgunner
American Rifleman - A publication of the NRA

Bear Hunting
Big Buck
Bird Dog & Retriever News

Buck Masters

Cowboy Times
Cowboy Action Shooting City
Cruffler - For historian, collector and antiques

Field & Stream
Front Sight - Magizine of the US Pratical Shooting Association
Fur Fish Game

Grey's Sporting Journal

Gun Tests - Serious technical details
Gun Week
Gun World
Guns Magazine

Handgun Hunter

Men at Arms - Gun and sword collector
Muzzleloader - Scurlock Publications, several magazines

North American Hunter
North American Whitetail

Outdoor Life
Outdoors Alaska

Petersen's Hunting
Petersen's Rifle Shooting
Precision Shooting
Predator Extreme

Rifle Magazine - Wolf Publishing, includes several magazines

Shooting Illustrated - A publicatin of the NRA
Shooting Sports Retailer
Shooting Sportsman
Shooting Times
Shotgun News
Shotgun Sports
Small Arms Review
Sporting Classics
Sporting Clays

Tactical Gear
Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Under Wild Skies
Upland Almanac - For bird hunting enthusiest

Woman & Guns
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